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XI Architecture & Interior Design Awards


Organized by PORCELANOSA GROUP, the purpose of this competition is to select the best presented project that has used the various materials from the eight PORCELANOSA Group companies. The main objective is to promote the creative activity of new and future professionals, encourage their promotion and the exposure of their work and innovate in terms of architecture, design, and interior design.

The proposal presented under the slogan "Projects for the future. From the origin to the final product" represents the transformation of the materials from their primitive state in nature to the final manufactured product, obtaining the 3rd place in the final classification.

Infografía presentada a los XI Premios de Arquitectura e Interiorismo de Porcelanosa obteniendo el 3er puesto en la clasificación final.

Master's Thesis


On the occasion of the completion of Autodesk's Official Master Specialized in Infoarchitecture MIA, held at CICE The Professional School of New Technologies, a short film is made in order to demonstrate the knowledge and skills acquired throughout the course.

The short film aims to make a virtual tour of the project of a building for cultural use made during the Architecture Degree, taking advantage of part of the existing modeling, starting from the outside, following the interior and ending up again on the outside.

On the other hand, the opportunity offered by the accomplishment of the short film is taken to improve the general aspect of the existing proposal applying the knowledge and skills acquired during the Master.

Espacio Matadero Madrid


Virtual recreation of an exhibition hall with a Water-inspired display within the museum complex Espacio Matadero in Madrid.

Infografía hiperrealista de una de las salas de Espacio Matadero Madrid

Final Degree Project


As a result of a reflect about the environment, the materiality and the history of the place, arises this proposal that tries to merge the different proposed uses by aplying different scales from the same typological language. Sectorization and fractionation, as well as adaptation to the environment, will be fundamental for understanding the functionality of the project. Having such diverse activities proposed it seems correct to pursue solutions that grant unity and consolidate the whole project. In the same line, to use the same morphology all along the different scenarios provides a final cohesive entity.

PFC Negratín
PFC Negratín
PFC Negratín
PFC Negratín

Final Degree Project - Visualisations

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